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The humanization of pets is stronger than ever! 

From high-quality proteins to fully sustainable ingredients and even functional supplements, today's pets eat differently from their domestic and wild ancestors. 

Millennial and Gen Z pet owners are willing to spend significantly more on pet food than their parents on their furry family members. Moreover, as consumers become more mindful of what's in their food, they are also studying the nutritional content of their pets' food, opting for healthier, sustainable ingredients in line with their values.  

- Top claims for dog food from Jul 21 – Dec 21


Here are the five essential pet food ingredients for a healthy pet!

1# OMEGA-3: For pet's overall health

Omega-3 are essential fatty acids since they provide several health benefits to vital organs:

- They keep the skin barrier fit and the coat shiny.
- They improve and maintain a healthy liver function and aid in the proper fat metabolism.
- They help decrease blood pressure and prevent dangerous blood clots that could damage the heart.
- They reduce inflammation and joint pain caused by aging or osteoarthritis.
- They support brain development, the learning process, and the nerve transmitters and affect the overall mental well-being of pets.
- They enhance the immune system of cats and dogs of all ages, making immune cells more flexible and resistant.

Omega-3 supplementation is vital for a pet's overall health. However, humans and pets cannot produce these essential fatty acidsQrillTM Pet is a 100% natural ingredient made with dried Euphrasia Superba, a species of Antarctic krill (small shrimp-like crustaceans), with an excellent source of highly bioavailable Omega-3. Contrary to traditional Omega-3 sources, QrillTM Pet's Omega-3 is mainly bound to phospholipids. Consequently, they are more effectively delivered into the cells and tissues. It is also rich in other key nutrients (marine proteins, choline, and astaxanthin), ensuring health benefits and exquisite taste for pets!

2# PREBIOTICS: For gut and immune health

Prebiotics are plant-based food ingredients that ferment in the colon, providing nourishment for the beneficial bacteria. In particular, Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) are natural reserve carbohydrates found in vegetables such as chicory and beets. In pet food, FOS prebiotics are used to:

- Increase the intestinal population of healthy Bifidobacteria
- Protect the intestine against pathogenic bacteria
- Activate the immune system
- Help prevent certain types of cancer 
- Provide better assimilation of nutrients with the consequent decrease in the volume of fecal matter eliminated.
- Increase the absorption of calcium in the colon, increasing bone density.
- Reduce bad stool odor.

From Disproquima, we want to introduce GOFOSTM, a soluble prebiotic fiber produced from beet sugar with high purity (around 95%) of short-chain fructooligosaccharides (sc-FOS) that improve pet's gut health and boost immunity for lower medical costs.


3# CHONDROPROTECTORS: For joint health

Arthritis is one of the most common health issues in dogs and cats. 20% of dogs over a year develop joint disorders, and more than 95% of these cases are produced in dogs over five years old. This disease is caused by a degeneration of joint cartilage thickness that can finally result in a loss of protection. As a result, the joint capsule becomes inflamed and full of bone overgrowths (osteophytes). 

Chondroprotectors are dietary supplements that improve cartilage hydration and nutrition and prevent arthrosis development. From Disproquima, we have a broad portfolio of chondroprotectors, from Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate to MSM, Collagen peptides, BiovaPlex ®, and hyaluronic acid.
Image4# QUILLAJA: Reduction of ammonia emissions

Ammonia (NH3) is a toxic gas that results from the microbial decomposition of nitrogen in animal excretions. This substance, as well as sulfhydric acid and tetrahydrothiophene, is responsible for feces' undesirable smell. 

Since the pandemic outbreak, people are spending more time at home, which has led to a closer coexistence between pets and their owners. Consequently, pet owners' big concern for bad feces odor has increased. Moreover, NH3 has irritating and nauseating properties, affecting the health and welfare of animals and owners.

QUILLADIS is a 100% natural powdered ingredient from the Quillaja saponaria tree that can reduce animals' NH3 and other undesirable emissions. It provides a lower presence of irritating gases and intensity of the fecal odor as well as an improvement in gut health, nutrient absorption, and immune response.


5# HYDROLYSED FISH PROTEIN: High-quality marine proteins

Increasing consumer awareness regarding the need for a high protein diet for pets has raised the hydrolysed fish protein demand. Hydrolysed fish protein results from breaking fish proteins into smaller peptides after enzymatic treatment or under acidic medium conditions. The output is a range of highly nutritious and digestible proteins with low allergenic effects and excellent palatability.

From Disproquima, we offer PEPTIDIS, a hydrolysed marine fish protein from Blue Whiting (Micromesistius poutassou). It is highly digestible, palatable, and low in fat for weight management. Moreover, it is free from dairy, gluten, and sugar and is also a Non-GMO product.



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