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Last 7-9 May, Disproquima exhibited for the 5th time at Vitafoods Europe 2019. Vitafoods is the Nutra Exhibition par excellence in Europe and its size is increasing year by year, an example of it are the record figures the exhibition reached during this past edition, with over 1.200 exhibitors and 22.000 visitors from more than 110 countries. 

During Vitafoods we introduced new launches and continued to promote our main Nutra specialities like Flavoxale or D-Chiro Inositol. Within our new proposals, we would like to highlight Beautydis, an innovative concept we developed to give our customers new ideas ready to be launched onto the market.

Beautydis is a "Beauty from within" product with anti-aging effects. This innovative concept is a single dose shot for a 30 days treatment that contains hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, Vitamin C, E, group B (2,6,7 and 12) and Zinc flavored with a Red Fruit aroma, ingredients we can offer either individually or as a final product with your own brand. 

Apart from Beautydis we also presented our Probiotics from Dupont, Collagen, Hyaluronic AcidHerbal Extracts, Cureit, Powdered Egg Yolk and Egg Membrane Hydrolysate. This last ingredient deserves a special mention as it's the only Egg membrane product approved by EFSA as Novel Food.

For more information about our ingredients and what Disproquima has to offer in the Nutra industry don't hesitate to contact us. Ohterwise see you again in Vitafoods Europe 2020!