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Our Aloe Vera is COSMOS Certified

Today’s Skincare consumers are looking for natural alternatives to nourish their skin such as vegetal actives like black and white charcoal, aloe vera, coconut water or rose, among other plant and fruit-based extracts. Skincare users are also becoming more aware about how products affect their well-being and how environmentally conscious these products are.

The skincare future industry will be marked by “clean label” claims and the demand for “organic” and “natural” products will continue to grow.  There is an increasing demand for simple and clean labelling in cosmetics products, consumers want to understand what they are buying and more importantly they want to feel safe. With this in mind, personal care ingredient producers need to invest in offering natural alternatives for demanding clients.

Nowadays there is no clear regulation determining which products are natural and which aren’t, therefore there is no authority anywhere in the world issuing Natural Certificates. Nevertheless, and due to this loophole, some organizations have been created with the objective to bring some light into the cosmetics market regarding “natural” claims. Today, one of the most important certifications is COSMOS (Cosmetic Organic Standard).

The COSMOS-standard is owned and managed by a not-for-profit international association which’s objective is to safeguard, in the area of cosmetics, the welfare of the environment and of people. They aim to stimulate the development of cosmetics from natural and organic origin making it easier for consumers to make well informed purchase decisions.

Within our portfolio, we have many skin bioactives with Ecocert and COSMOS certifications but today we want to announce that our partner MexiAloe has obtained the COSMOS certificate in all their Aloe Vera references becoming one of the first Aloe producers with this certification.

According to the actual market trends, choosing an Aloe COSMOS source can bring an added value to your skincare products as you will be able to label them as COSMOS organic and natural products, a key claim in today’s cosmetic industry.