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One more year, Disproquima was supporting the Spanish nutraceuticals industry by exhibiting at Nutraceuticals Europe in Madrid during March 4 – 5. The exhibition continues to be the meeting point for Spanish nutraceutical ingredients producers, distributors and end product manufacturers.


During this year’s edition, we presented our Functional Extracts from the Mediterranean. Our colleague Miriam Montoro, Nutra Area Sales Manager, gave a conference introducing our 10 natural extracts from our partner Bionap, whose mission is to discover active substances contained in Mediterranean foods and plants in order to create ingredients for wellbeing and beauty products. Our partner controls the whole production process to ensure the highest quality standards and continuously invests in scientific research and clinical trials to prove the benefits of our ingredients.


Another successful concept was the hangover shot presented with OH!K™ and innovative blend of ingredients that help fight oxidative stress and energize the tissues, reducing hangover symptoms. The shot came in two different varieties: lemon and orange flavours, this last one from our group company IGH Flavours & Technology who can provide any kind of flavor, natural or synthetic, for pharmaceutical and food applications.


Among other ingredients, we also continued to promote our nutra specialities like Probiotics, Fruitflow®, Tolerase® G and Tolerase® L, ResVida®, Optisharp® Zeaxanthin, Floraglo® Lutein or Flavoxale®, an exclusive combination of propolis extract, Manuka honey and Manuka essential oil with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties.


Next nutra big event will be Vitafoods in Geneva in two month time. We hope to see you there and keep discussing our “World of possibilities for Nutraceuticals”.