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Surely you have already heard about MASKNE, the acne that occurs due to the friction of the mask and the humidity conditions that are generated when wearing it.

Our skin is not used to masks, the friction that the tissue exerts on the skin generates micro-cracks in the skin barrier that, mixed with humidity, lack of oxygenation, pollution and the microbiome itself, increases the risk of infection and dreaded pimples and blackheads, which surely we want to avoid, come out.

MASKNE does not only affect those with oily skin or acne-prone, but all kinds of skin. Therefore we must take special care of this area.

How can we prevent MASKNE from occurring? Here is a list of our MUSTS in your daily routine:

·        Day cleaning (water based)

·        Cream / serum / gel to prevent acne

·        Hydration

·        Night cleaning (double cleaning)

·        Acne Fighting Cream / Serum / Gel



It is mandatory to prepare the skin before applying the rest of products for its daily care, so to start with, we need to remove all the dirt that it might have (makeup, pollution, sweat ...) by using an effective cleanser.

Nowadays, double cleansing is essential for most consumers, here we would like to propose active ingredients for both water-based and oil-based cleansers that effective and gently cleanse the skin from all dirt while taking care of it:

PENTAVITIN® a powerful moisturizer that will make cleansing smoother.

LACTOBIONIC ACID or RENEGRAPETM (COSMOS), two very gentle exfoliants that enhance cell regeneration.

MORINGA OIL rich in Oleic Acid (OMEGA-9) penetrates the skin and together with Behenic Acid reconstitutes the barrier function. Additionally, thanks to its high content in fatty acids MORINGA OIL has a high cleansing power.



MASKNE is enhanced due to the destruction of the barrier function, so we must rebuild it and at the same time reinforce it to avoid possible micro-cracking produced by friction.

Here is our selection of ingredients to rebuild and reinforce the barrier function:

SYN-UP®, a patented peptide that helps to regain the resilience of the skin and makes it stronger against external aggressions, we highly recommend it for very dry skins.

KALAHARI MELON OIL, rich in vitamin F (also known as OMEGA-6) with a powerful activity on the barrier function.

LACTOMIDE a liposomal dispersion that contains derivatives of ceramides and milk lipids rich in phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylcholine compensating the loss of lipids and rebuilding the barrier function.

PENTAVITIN® a powerful moisturizer that will make the skin recover all the lost water.



When the skin has pimples, we must reduce its spread and its drawbacks, to combat this we recommend active ingredients that reduce the production of sebum and soothe inflammation and redness.

Our recommendations for care cosmetics are:

ALPAFLOR® ALP®-SEBUM, Epilobium fleischeri extract, rich in two flavonoids that regulate the production of sebum and also have anti-inflammatory activity. An ingredient certified by ECOCERT, COSMOS, and NATRUE.

STIMU-TEX® AS is a unique blend of seed-derived wax, argan oil, and shea butter that soothes sensitive and irritated skin in just a few minutes. This ingredient also reduces the effects of histamine release such as irritation or itchiness.

SKIN SAVE™, thanks to the combination of biophenol polysaccharides and flavonoids we can present you a natural solution to combat irritation, inflammation and redness.

NIACINAMIDE PC (vit. B3) is the most versatile vitamin on the market, in addition to its multiple benefits, it increases the barrier function, reduces the shine effect, and keeps the skin free from blemishes.

So no more excuses and let’s develop together products that help consumers combat the unwanted pimples, which can be caused by the use of the mask, remember that this will be over soon and we will see each other again! Better be pimple free!