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The dietary supplements market boosted since the outbreak of Covid-19 and doesn’t seem to be facing any slowdowns shortly. In fact, consumers have raised a new level of awareness regarding their health and overall wellness and are increasingly acquiring products that help them feel healthy, confident, energized and in peace.

This new trend together with the expected CAGR growth of 7,2% globally according to Innova Market Insights, only seems to bring a promising future for Dietary Supplements manufacturers. Therefore where is the challenge? Differentiation. Brands around the globe have been launching more and more products into the market, and therefore, how can a brand nowadays differentiate in this increasingly competitive landscape? No worries, we have the solution: High Quality Branded Ingredients with Clinical Studies.

Our partner, DSM has an enviable portfolio of Nutra Ingredients that together with their vitamins, premixes and omega will be your perfect allies when formulating a new dietary supplement. Additionally, their range of products completely meets another trend within the Supplements category: Personalization. The following ingredients have been designed and formulated to meet specific needs and are addressed to certain targets.

Our DSM portfolio covers several market needs from healthy blood flow and pressure with resVida®Fruitflow®, Reducose® or Meatfolin® to effective ingredients such Tolerase L® that can help eliminate lactose intolerance discomforts or Tolerase G®, which degrades the immunogenic parts within gluten proteins. Both are specially designed for people with Gluten and Lactose intolerances.   

For mature women who are in the menopause stage, DSM has created geniVida®, a unique ingredient capable of reducing menopausal symptoms and if your concern is weight control, then the solution would be Fabuless®, a patent-protected combination of palm oil and oats formulated in an emulsion.

Finally, cardiovascular health is one of the TOP main concerns in the world, ALL-Q®, improves the good function of cardiovascular health in people with heart failure or hypertension and if you are looking for an ingredient able to reduce the risk of suffering  cardiovascular diseases, MEG-3® (Marine Omega-3 Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids) would be our choice!

In conclusion, if you would like to give an additional boost to your products and promote customer loyalty with proven claims don’t forget we can offer “A world of ingredients for Dietary Supplements!”