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        • Disproquima is an International group with over 45 years of experience in the distribution, manufacturing, marketing, product development, services and solutions to the Life Sciences Industries. From Spain to China, including Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and India, we operate in very different markets but with the same aim: help our customers and partners achieve their objectives through our qualified team. The hard work of our professionals has enabled Disproquima to be one of the leading companies in our fields, providing our customers and suppliers “A world of possibilities”.
        • Disproquima counts with a big portfolio of ingredients and raw materials for the Pharma, Food, Feed and Personal Care Industries, from APIs to Excipients, Additives to Vitamins, Pigments to Essential Oils or UV Filters to Skin Bioactives.
        • Disproquima Group is a modern and dynamic set of companies present on four continents with 19 facilities all over the world.  Our group is formed by  DisproquimaIGH Flavours & Technology, Expafruit and Chemia4Life, all oriented on bringing the best possible products to consumers hands. Disproquima Group is not only focused on distributing, we are also strong in flavours, food preps., aromas and food service products manufacturing. With our latest incorporation, Chemia4Life, we’ve expanded our manufacturing activities to the pharma business; the company is focused on the manufacturing of intermediates and APIs.