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This year was the 14th edition of Figan, the International Animal Production Show, which took place in Zaragoza (Spain) and we are excited to share with you that Disproquima participated as an exhibitor for the very first time!

Our Feed Spanish Team did a great job promoting our ingredients, some of the ones we would like to share with you as they are of great interest for feed producers:

Cromo Oro and Ovo Red, two of our best sellers, were the ingredients that immediately caught the eye of the visitors. Cromo Oro and Ovo Red are our own branded yellow and red natural pigments. Cromo Oro is a concentrate obtained from Marigold Flower rich in yellow xanthophylls supported on the bagasse of the plant and with the particularity of containing Vitamin E as a natural antioxidant. On the other side, Ovo Red is a concentrate obtained from paprika, rich in natural red xanthophylls for pigmentation of chicken’s skin and the egg yolk.

Procidis is another of our natural stars, a functional oil extracted from the cashew shell by physical methods. Its active components (Cardol and Cardanol) construe its ionophore action being a great natural alternative to coccidia.

Last but not least, we would also like to highlight our GBM range, the most pure and concentrated encapsulated calcium butyrate that currently exists on the market.

If you are looking for specialities within the Feed and Pet Food industry don't hesitate to contact us otherwise we will see you again at FIGAN 2021!