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The Challenges of the Curcumin Market 

The Global Curcumin Market is increasing year by year, according to Industry ARC, in 2017 it was valued in $55 million and it’s expected to grow up to $105 million by 2025. This considerable growth is mainly due to people being more conscious about their health and the ingredients they consume, the natural origin trend is increasing the demand of plant-based products like curcumin. On top of this, the flourishing of the Nutraceutical and Supplements market together with the growing demand for natural ingredients in skincare, have made of curcumin a key ingredient to include in your formulations.


Curcumin has proved to be one of the most precious ingredients due to its multiple therapeutic effects against arthritis, cancer and radiotherapy treatment, skin disorders, diabetes and various neurological, pulmonary, hematological and cardiovascular diseases.


Being such an important ingredient, many manufacturers have decided to produce curcumin at any price introducing impure or adulterated curcumin at low market prices, which has led to the proliferation of numerous curcumin-based products that offer limited positive effects and negatively impact the nutraceutical industry.


Our partner Aurea Biolabs is a pioneer in the area of Curcumin and has always stood against the substitution of natural curcumin with synthetic versions and was among the first nutraceutical brands to alert the industry about the infiltration of turmeric extracts adulterated with synthetic curcuminoids. To ensure 100% natural curcumin, Aurea Biolabs counts with advanced sourcing and manufacturing technologies. Their meticulous care and end-to-end processes, from farming to extraction, helps them deliver the purest natural form of curcumin and its derivatives for food supplements manufacturers.


Cureit® is the first and only full spectrum Turmeric extract which has been clinically tested and backed by several studies. Cureit® has been designed in order to improve Curcumin’s poor intestinal absorption, rapid metabolism and systemic bioavailability. It’s a complete natural turmeric matrix following the PNS (Polar-Non-Polar Sandwiching) technology disposition. Cureit® allows an increased penetration of curcumin molecule in the intestine, and therefore, its better solubility and absorption. The clinical studies carried out by Aurea Biolabs confirm an absorption 10 times higher than that for normal curcumin.


Among Cureit®’s benefits we must highlight its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic properties. Clinical studies regarding its anti-inflammatory benefits have shown considerable improvements on symptoms and diagnostic indicators in Rheumatoid Arthritis patients. As for its antioxidant effects, the studies show a potential equivalent to Ascorbic Acid. Finally the cytotoxic and apoptotic effect of Cureit® was established and it is inferred that it could serve to prevent cancer.

If you are looking for 100% natural curcumin, Cureit® is the ingredient you are looking for. Don’t hesitate to contact us to know more about the product and to check availability in your country.